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Week 19: The continuity of the object
Second consecutive challenge following image, the challenge of the day still happens in your workplace, or wherever we take the challenge, as far as possible.

The game of the week will be a photo with at least one object as the previous photo. Imagine a picture of a desk with a mobile phone, mouse, keyboard, next picture will then take at least one of these elements, same brand, same model, same color, and adds several other elements to allow for as following to achieve a result.

You understand? So we went, and good fun!
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 Zoom on the answer - By: antp  (600 Views) - EXIF
antp - Week 19: The continuity of the object - Zoom

I do not say what the object common to the two photos, we'll see if someone found :grin: (there is an object identical, so if)

And for the next one, I know that at least one member of a site like one of those included on the photo ...
Model: E4600
Orientation: Normal
Datetime: 2009:03:29 11:23:09
Original Datetime: 2009:03:29 11:23:09
Digitized Datetime: 2009:03:29 11:23:09
Software: E4600v1.1
Exposure: 10/601 seconds
Exposure Program: Manual Control
Max Aperture: 3.0
Compressed BPP: 3.0
Pixel X Dimension: 2288
Pixel Y Dimension: 1712
X Resolution: 300
Y Resolution: 300
Metering Method: Pattern
Light Source: Unknown
Flash: Flash (Auto)
ISO: 149
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